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Venus in Scorpio

Magnetically seductive

Kelli Fox

Your passions run strong and deep in love. You're the type who can love your sweetie down to the depths of your soul, but if they hurt you or break your heart, you'll hate them just as passionately as you adored them. You rarely do things halfway in love affairs, and you always lead with your heart.

This can get you into trouble, for example, when your sweetie inadvertently steps on your toes and you lash out at them, wanting only to hurt them back -- in that moment. But a moment later, when you've calmed down enough to see that they didn't mean whatever it was that so got under your skin in the first place, you have to soothe their now-hurt feelings and make things better again. Good thing you're so magnetic! A relationship with you can be a bit like an emotional roller coaster ride -- up, down, always intense -- but you live for those addictive highs and lows. A strong emotional connection is extremely important to you, as is an equally strong sexual one. In fact, you tend to use your sexuality to both form and test that emotional connection. When it comes to arguments with your sweetie, you really like the part where you get to kiss and make up.

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