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Venus in Sagittarius

Love is an adventure

Kelli Fox

You treat love as something of a game or an adventure -- and when it's both of those, it's love in its highest form! Your passions run hot, to be sure; you're very warmhearted and even hot-blooded. But you love your own independence almost as much as you love your sweetie (if not more), so you'd have a hard time maintaining positive, affectionate feelings for someone who was overly possessive.

You need a lot of room to move around in a love affair, and this could earn you the reputation of being commitment-shy. And it's true: You're wary of being pinned down. But what you may not realize, at least not yet, is that the best love would never hold you back from who you are, where you want to go or what you want to do or be. When you find a lover who encourages your best self to come forward, who shocks and delights you on a daily basis and who provides an adventure just in knowing and loving them -- well, that's the kind of person you could really fall for long-term! And that's the kind of lover that you make, yourself. You're always surprising your sweetie, and you can be rather restless. It may take awhile to find a long-term, satisfying romance.

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