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Venus in Pisces

Self-sacrificing in love

Kelli Fox

You're a true romantic! Love is the be-all, end-all for you; you live for that emotionally sublime feeling of union with your sweetie. You're definitely happier in a relationship than alone, and when you're romantically attached to someone, you'll do what it takes to make the relationship as harmonious and blissful as possible.

You commit deeply, for the long term, and you don't like to be in conflict with your sweetie, so you're a very accommodating, conciliatory and nurturing lover -- sometimes to a fault. You can be a bit of a follower, saying 'Yes, honey' to whatever your lover says, even if it means that you're subverting your own needs in the process. You're very self-sacrificing in love, which is a wonderful quality on the whole; you adore your sweetie with your whole heart, and throw everything you've got into the relationship. You're always dreaming up new ways to show your honey how much they mean to you, and anyone romantically involved with you gets the royal treatment on a daily basis. But what about you? What about your needs and desires? Make sure that you find a lover who gives as much as they get out of the relationship.

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