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Venus in Libra

In love with being in love

Kelli Fox

You're at your happiest and most blissful in a loving, harmonious relationship, and you're one of the world's sappiest romantics. You shower your sweetie with affection, gifts, flowers, chocolates, poems that you wrote with them in mind -- whatever they love, whatever makes them feel cherished and adored, you want to give it to them. You can actually go a bit overboard on this front, but find the right person who loves being treated like royalty, and they'll revel in your tender, thrilling care.

Sometimes you may go overboard in a financial sense, because you so love treating your sweetie in the manner you believe they deserve; so it's a good thing you're all about balance and harmony, and you understand the ins and outs of credit card debt! You have a gentle manner of loving and your artistic tastes are quite refined. You can introduce your sweetie to the finer things in life, if they aren't already accustomed to them. You have a very charming, agreeable and affectionate way about you, so you'll rarely be without a lover or at least a crush. Good thing, too, because you greatly prefer being romantically involved to being alone.

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