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Venus in Leo

An ardent lover

Kelli Fox

For you, love and romance are a big, dramatic show, complete with all the trappings of any great production -- setting (think flowers and soft music...), lights (candles all the way!), costumes (anything silky or soft and definitely in fashion will do)... You love to set the scene for love, and you'll go to great lengths to make sure that you'll make the perfect impression on your sweetie. You're into sweeping your honey off their feet, and you're not above being swept off your own, either.

And the thing about you is, all that drama is real: You really feel your passions that deeply, and you truly want love to change your world. You put your whole heart and soul into it when you're in a relationship, and you feel things at a deep and intense level -- and that goes for the bad stuff, as well as the sweet stuff. When you get your feelings hurt by someone you love, the hurt is intense, and it can take a lot of soothing and stroking to make things right again. You should seek out a lover who is as passionate and demonstrative as you are. With a cold, aloof lover, you would slowly starve for attention and affection, and you deserve as good as you give out.

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  1. Cindy on December 31, 2015 at 3:05 am

    Feeling things as deeply as I do,,always separatedo me from others most of my life. Love is the answer God is Love GREED MONEY PEOPLE DON’T MIX

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