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Venus in Gemini

Social butterfly

Kelli Fox

For you, variety is the spice of love. Though other people might wilt under the strain of such romantic entanglements, you might well be happiest when you've got more than one crush to dream about! You're flirtatious and witty around the object of your desires, and you're not above using fun little tricks to reel them in, like dancing with someone else just to make your real crush jealous.

But what if you start feeling attracted to the other person -- the one you're dancing with? It's possible, because your tastes in love are wide and varied. Of course, someone who clams up isn't your style; you might spend a few minutes trying to draw them out of their shell, but if it doesn't work fast, you'll lose interest and move on to someone new. Now, all this isn't to say that you're shallow in the game of love (though you can be), or that you can't commit (though often, you don't want to). It's more that in order to commit to someone special and let the relationship deepen into true intimacy, you've got to have a really good reason. For you, that reason will include a strong intellectual connection and a good dose of adventure. Someone who keeps you guessing can claim your heart.

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