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Venus in Capricorn

Looking for security first

Kelli Fox

You're much more comfortable with the practical side of things than you are with the emotional, and that can be a bit of a hindrance in your love life. You're not very outgoing, so you work best with a lover who comes on to you first -- but not in an overbearing way, or they'll lose you before the relationship even gets off the ground. You're more interested in realistic concerns than romantic ones; you care far less about being swept off your feet, for example, than you do about finding a lover who you know is hardworking, loyal and dependable.

These are the characteristics that matter to you in love; a romantic partner who spent all their time composing love sonnets for you but failed to pay their bills would hold no interest for you. When you do find someone you click with, you tend to get serious fast, and in choosing a lover, you might rely less on your own, personal tastes and more on propriety -- choosing a mate you think is acceptable to your parents, for example, or who fits in well with your lifestyle. You're not much for taking risks in love; you want a sure bet, one that you know will provide stability and security into the future.

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