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Venus in Aquarius

Friendship first

Kelli Fox

For you, friendship comes before love, and often it lasts long after the romance fades. A meeting of the minds is also important for you to have with a lover; someone whose outlook didn't excite and challenge you probably wouldn't claim your heart. Your own outlook regarding love tends to be progressive and nontraditional, so much that you're more open than other people to unusual relationship structures: Long-distance affairs don't bother you, and you might even be amenable to an open relationship, or a relationship that was on-again, off-again for an extended period of months or years.

Part of the reason why you're open to these unusual structures, however, is that you tend to be a bit on the cool side, emotionally. Dramatic emotional displays might scare or annoy you, even intense declarations of devotion. You're just not that comfortable with intense intimacy. On the other hand, you're not flighty; when you're involved and committed, you're as loyal as the day is long. You might confuse your lovers from time to time with your unique blend of friendliness and detachment, commitment and independence; but that's just the unusual way that you are!

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