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Venus conjunct Uranus

Restless attractions

Kelli Fox

You're impulsive in love -- you may have a string of short-lived but intense affairs behind you, because you jump into relationships without thinking of the consequences! For you, consequences just don't mean much. You're more interested in the immediate experience of passion than you are in what might happen later.

You aren't afraid of having your heart broken, either -- maybe because it doesn't happen very often. Since you're always moving on without notice to someone newer and more exciting, you rarely get your heart involved in your love affairs. That makes for more fun and less mess in your life, but at some point, you're going to have to give a relationship a chance to deepen if you ever want real love and intimacy. And when you do commit to one person long-term, it's going to be someone very unusual. Your tastes run to the weird, interesting and even kinky in love, and you grow bored fast with routine. You might fall for someone who refuses to commit to you, or who's incredibly moody; either of those scenarios would certainly keep you on your toes! Your love life might not be terribly romantic or satisfying, but it does hold your interest.

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