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Venus conjunct South Node

Your future ideals

Kelli Fox

There's a love from your past that still means a lot to you today, one that you'd love to recreate for your present and future. Maybe your first relationship was a wonderful experience, and it lives on in your imagination as an ideal that you try, with each new person, to create all over again; or maybe you look to the love that some couple close to you shared when you were young, and hope that someday you can find a bond as deep and as true. These are wonderful ideals to uphold, but try to take them as a guide rather than as an actual representation of reality.

Our imaginations tend to embroider things for us; you may be remembering all the high points of your first love or of the relationship that your parents or grandparents shared, when in reality, it was every bit as up-and-down as most relationships tend to be. It may be impossible to recreate such an experience, because reality is always something of a disappointment when compared to fantasy. But reality delivers, whereas fantasy never does. As long as you can recognize that this past love-ideal is basically just a fantasy, you'll be able to use it as a guide toward creating your own loving future.

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  1. Sigurd Moeller on September 25, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Interesting, short & clear

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