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Venus conjunct Saturn

Learn to open up

Kelli Fox

You may be less verbally or physically expressive of your love for your sweetie than others might be, but that doesn't mean you don't feel it just as strongly. In fact, when you commit to a lover, you really mean it -- so much so that it can be hard for you to leave a relationship that isn't working. You're dedicated to making things work and will do anything you can to make sure that your love affair is stable and long-lasting.

The good news is, you're generally a good judge of character; you're less likely than some to get involved with anyone who isn't worth your time and energy. But sometimes you can be too serious about love and duty. If your sweetie feels like you're only with them out of a sense of duty, they might not feel very satisfied with that -- after all, romance has its place in life, every bit as much as responsibility. You tend to express your love through acts of service -- even criticism of your lover, which you see as trying to help them improve themselves and their standing in life. Learning to make room for frivolity and romance may not seem important, but it's one of your lifelong challenges. Balance in love is key; affection is every bit as important as dedication.

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