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Venus conjunct Pluto

Seeking that universal truth

Kelli Fox

You experience the heights and the depths of love and passion, and as intense as it gets -- which can include intensely uncomfortable or even heartbreaking -- you love it all. For you, love is a transformative experience. Through connecting with another soul, your own soul is changed; love brings you closer to that universal truth that you've been striving to grasp for as long as you can remember.

Sex is also an incredible rush for you; you have a hard time being cavalier about physical intimacy, because it's too important to you to treat it casually. Even your flings take on significance in your life, because everything you experience in love contains a lesson for you, or opens up some new, previously undiscovered realm of human experience. Because you take love and sex so seriously and experience them so intensely, you make both the physical and the emotional experience equally intense and compelling for your sweetie. They find you as compelling as you find them. Obsession, in fact, can be a problem for you; you tend to fixate on the object of your desires, and it's hard for you to give them the space that they might require.

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