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Venus conjunct Mars

In love with love

Kelli Fox

It's probably rare that you're single, because you live and breathe love and romance. Relationships are second nature to you; you adore all the ins and outs of love. You even appreciate the bittersweet end of an affair!

Of course, the exciting, heady rush of the beginning of a new one is way better. This aspect in itself doesn't determine whether your relationships will be happy or troubled ones; it simply denotes a bone-deep interest in love, and an innate passion that will burn within you your whole life. You don't like to stay home alone very often; you're a social creature and you have lots of friends and admirers. You're very popular, the life of the party; anywhere you go, people gather around, wanting to talk and bask in your warm energy! You're very affectionate and charming, and you know how to put people at ease. You also know how to make someone feel like the only other person in the room -- no matter how many attractive people you intend to chat up throughout the evening! Yes, you can be a bit of a player, but it's all in good fun, right? You don't like to get bogged down in love; you like it best when things are new, fresh and exciting.

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