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Venus conjunct Juno

Live to love

Kelli Fox

You're an incredibly loving partner in romance. You commit readily, because for you, love is one of the best, most fulfilling and consuming experiences that life has to offer. You live to love, and you know what you want out of a loving relationship.

You're attracted to people that, at a deep level, you can sense are good bets for a long-term commitment. You don't tend to be attracted to casual affairs or lovers who aren't going to treat you well. You like to lavish your sweetie with kindness, affection and gifts, and you like for them to do the same for you. Furthermore, you tend to focus on all the things you love about your honey instead of on their flaws, and that's a wonderful way to ensure the long, harmonious life of your relationship. You don't create conflict unless it's absolutely necessary, because for you, peace and love are the greatest ideals in life, ideals that you try every day to live up to. Just make sure that you don't commit yourself to someone who doesn't deserve your kindness and devotion. When you settle down with someone for the long term, it should be someone who is ready and willing to put as much into the relationship as you will.

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