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Uranus trine Pluto

A spirit of discovery

Kelli Fox

You're capable of huge changes and improvements in your own life, and of effecting larger-scale changes that can improve things for everyone around you. You're naturally attuned to progress, and your mind is always pushing forward, trying to uncover the next necessary shift or innovation that will mean another leap into the future. If you have a career that can put this strength of yours to use, then so much the better -- but your personal life could suffer as a result, if you're not careful.

Make sure that you make plenty of time and space for both your large-scale ambitions and your personal life, because as much as you have within you to contribute to the world at large, you also have that much within you that can revolutionize your own life. Self-discovery through the act and experience of loving another person, of growing intimate with that person, can be one of the most amazing growth processes of all. So keep your eyes open on a global level for all the wonderful changes that you can put into effect; but also stay tuned in and committed to your own, personal progress. After all, global change starts at home.

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