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Uranus trine North Node

Steps forward

Kelli Fox

You're all about progress, on a personal level as well as in the people around you. You want everyone to move forward in life instead of being held back by the past, by convention or tradition. In your love life, this manifests itself as a willingness to move forward with a lover when the time is right, or to break up if it's time for that.

You're not afraid of moving toward your future, whatever that future holds, and you encourage your sweetie to do the same. That could mean that sometimes your love affairs end before you really want them to, but you're not one to hold your lover back from realizing their dreams just for the sake of the relationship -- and you won't do that to yourself, either. Finding someone to settle down with for the long haul may mean that you have to find a lover whose personal growth process is similar to yours; otherwise, the two of you might just move in different directions, and away from each other. But however many love relationships you have to go through in order to find the one that sticks, you'll be glad for the experience. You, more than most, sense that each step in life is a step forward, toward your goals.

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