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Uranus trine Neptune

Keen, imaginative type seeking same

Kelli Fox

You have a keen and imaginative mind, and your lovers as well as your friends truly appreciate this about you. In fact, that's one way you can separate the wheat from the chaff on the dating scene: If you're getting to know someone who seems bored or even annoyed by your mental wanderings and your sudden flashes of insight, that's a good sign that they're not the one for you. But if you find someone who is sparked up and inspired by the way your mind works, then all signs point to go!

You're intellectually creative and artistic deep down into your soul, and you need a lover who understands this side of you -- someone who can draw out that creative energy and help form it into something concrete. You'll connect best with artists, musicians, scientists, philosophers -- anyone who's as forward-thinking as you are, whose mind is pushing out into the world, exploring the possibilities and creating something brand-new along the way. If you can form a creative team with a lover -- starting a business together, or working on an art project as a dynamic duo -- you'll never lack for inspiration or the excitement needed to turn your ideas into reality.

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