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Uranus square Pluto

The revolutionary within

Kelli Fox

This aspect can serve as a warning regarding your love life and all your relationships: Take an active role in the shaping of your own future, because if you don't, someone else might -- and they may not have your best interests at heart. But at the same time, try not to be so restless that you question things like the merits of a relationship, commitment or marriage purely just to question them. You have a streak of the revolutionary inside you, and that can be put to great use in any area of your life that needs changing.

But when you become compulsive about change, leaving perfectly good relationships, for example, just to see what's on the road ahead, that's when you've veered away from positive change and toward simple destructiveness. A similar extreme could happen if you give up your personal power for the sake of a relationship -- also not a good idea. Relationships should be about equality as much as intimacy; each person should direct their own life, and their intimate relationships should serve as a refuge rather than a controlling force, in one direction or the other. Strive for balance in your own need for direction and progress in life.

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