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Uranus square Neptune

Seeking solid ground

Kelli Fox

Deep down within your soul, you're a romantic, a wanderer and a philosopher. Notice something in common among the three? None of them is stable -- all are dreamers, constantly shifting and moving on to something new, something just on the horizon, always just out of reach.

Sound familiar? It should; a big part of your personality is based on these shifting sands of fantasy and supposition, and it can make it difficult sometimes to make a solid connection with other people. You need a lover who understands and accepts this side of you -- this strange, abstract dreamer side that's so sensitive and confused. You might shift more often than other people into abstract moments of wondering about your intimate relationships, in which you'll question yourself -- Is this person right for me? Should I be moving on? What is love, really? If you're involved with someone who can handle a little instability, you'll be fine. You'll work best, though, with someone who can provide a grounding influence; someone who's confident enough in themselves and in your bond to withstand your moments of questioning, and who can reel you back onto stable ground.

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