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Uranus sextile South Node

Learning from your mistakes

Kelli Fox

When it comes to love affairs, you've got good instincts. You know when it's time to shift things to a new level, and you know when things aren't going anywhere good. Rarely will you stay in a stagnant relationship; you've got a little too much of a rebellious streak to let that happen!

Your independence is important to you, after all, and you hate to feel restricted. But you're not so rebellious that you'd run away from a good thing just to check out whether the grass might be greener somewhere else. You're somewhere in the middle, with a healthy sense of yourself and your individuality but also the ability to move forward in life, and learn from past experiences -- and mistakes. If you do repeat a mistake more than once, you'll learn even more from it the next time around. Basically, you don't let the past limit you, and you don't let the future loom as a scary unknown. You welcome the unknown; you like knowing that life has surprises waiting for you yet. That goes for love, too. You feel a deep sense of calm, of faith in the fact that, no matter how many wrong turns you might take in the meantime, you'll get where you want to go in time.

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