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Uranus sextile North Node

Pushing toward the next big thing

Kelli Fox

Your admirers find you exciting because you're always at the edge of whatever's new -- whether that's the newest club or restaurant downtown, the newest live band, the newest political trend... Whatever it is, you've got your finger on it, and you're an exciting companion as a result. You love talking about your interests almost as much as you love actually experiencing and indulging in them, which can make you a really interesting companion on a date.

Your lovers will be people who are attracted to this energy within you, because they want a bit of it for themselves. They sense that you're fearless: You push forward in life instead of letting yourself be held back by tradition or expectation. You don't like being limited by the past or the status quo; instead, you like to move boldly into the future. This can apply to your love affairs as well as your other interests; you're not one to hold yourself back either from a commitment or a breakup. Wherever it is that a relationship needs to go, you sense that intuitively and make it happen. In short, you follow your heart. It may take awhile to find your special someone, but your heart will ultimately lead you there.

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