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Uranus sextile Neptune

Look out for eccentric types

Kelli Fox

When you're looking for love, keep an eye out for eccentric types with brilliant, inspiring minds -- because these are the people you'll make the best, most electric and exciting connections with. You're too bright and your dreams too big to settle for someone who doesn't understand you, or who tries to restrict your imaginative wanderings! You might need a partner in love and life who can act as a grounding influence, and someone who can give concrete expression to all your great, abstract ideas would be even better.

But someone who's a stick in the mud, who acts as if you're just being silly when you're off on a fascinating tangent, isn't for you. Your best love connection will be made with someone who shares your wide-eyed enthusiasm for exploring the meaning and the inner workings of the universe; someone who appreciates the way your mind works and who encourages you to think further, deeper, weirder. Someone who draws out your inner philosopher and helps you hoist your freak flag to fly free -- now, that's the lover for you! When you find that person, the boundaries of your combined imagination and creativity will be limitless.

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