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Uranus opposite Neptune

Seek stability in love

Kelli Fox

You'll probably do best with a lover who can act as a grounding influence in your life, because sometimes you can lose sight of reality and follow instead your rich imaginative life. For you, the boundary between what's possible and what isn't is a thin one, easily permeated, like a gauzy curtain that flutters between the realms of what is and what might be. And yes, it's more fun to connect with a lover who is similarly fanciful -- who can follow you on your mental riffs, and lead you along on theirs.

You're incredibly creative, after all, and you understand that rules are made to be broken, traditions are meant to be challenged, and so on. You're a dreamer and a rebel. But when you have such a loose concept of the boundaries of what's right and wrong, of the way the world should work, of your own mind, who's going to pull you back when you go too far? That's where a more stable, realistic lover comes in handy. Granted, this is something that you'd be better off learning to do on your own, but a solid, stable lover with a healthy grasp of the way the world really works would also be a positive influence in your life. Without it, you could get swept away by your own fantasies!

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