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Uranus opposite Juno

Finding the middle ground

Kelli Fox

When you're in a committed love affair, you feel trapped, as if somehow your real, true, ideal self is being limited by the partnership. But when you're single, you feel lonely, and you yearn for a lover who knows you on an intimate level. How can you ever make the two experiences meet up somewhere in the middle?

Because you don't want to continue swinging back and forth between the two extremes. Somewhere, there's a blessed middle ground -- one where you can feel independent and free while also feeling loved and fulfilled on an intimate, personal level. Now's the time to start finding that balance and making some headway toward that middle ground. First off, behaving erratically with your sweetie isn't the answer, though it might be what your instincts tell you to do! This time, instead of running off as soon as things start to feel restrictive, why not stick it out -- and talk things over with your lover, in a completely honest, baring-your-soul kind of way? If you've found a keeper, you'll know it, because they'll want to help you get through your commitment issues. And working through things together will definitely bring you closer.

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