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Uranus in Sagittarius

A wanderer at heart

Kelli Fox

You have a restless soul because you're always looking to the horizon, wanting to follow that elusive promise of ever-greater knowledge and understanding. Will you let this sense of adventure and independence affect your romantic relationships? That's up to you.

You might be the type whose wanderlust makes it hard to make a commitment in love, because you do need plenty of independence, especially freedom of thought. A restrictive lover is not for you; but you should be able to find a partner in love and life who shares your taste for the unknown, who can be the adventurer by your side who accompanies you in your physical and philosophical wanderings. That's very important to you in love, in fact: to find someone who shares your sense of idealism and philosophy. Your tendency to switch from one point of view to another could drive someone crazy if they didn't share at least a bit of the same tendency themselves! But with the right kind of open-minded lover, you can have a wonderful time just tossing ideas back and forth and expanding each other's ideas of what's possible, what's out there, what's true and real and wonderful.

Uranus in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart

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