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Uranus in Pisces

The wisdom of the sixth sense

Kelli Fox

You're intuitively driven, and you can be taken over at a moment's notice by a revelation of the soul. If there are sudden upsets in your love affairs, they may originate from this tendency within you to suddenly sense some deep, inner truth, and then act upon it. It's good to pay close attention to your instincts, but you should also make sure that they're correct before you go running off in a brand-new direction.

If you're having a specific feeling about your sweetie, run it by them before you go blindly believing your own perceptions. While your intuition is strong, you're not always correct, because intuition, like emotion, is subjective at best. You're rather idealistic about love affairs, and you might make sudden moves (such as breaking up with your sweetie at a moment's notice, in order to pursue someone else) that are based on an unrealistic vision of what's possible (that grass-is-greener syndrome can often get you into trouble!). On the other hand, do pay attention to your 'sixth sense.' You can hone your intuitive skills just by paying them heed, and they'll serve you better the stronger they become.

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