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Uranus in Leo

Sudden passions

Kelli Fox

When you make changes in your love life, you don't do it halfway. Your sense of rebellion is dramatic indeed. Yours is the stuff of Hollywood or romance novels: You might be the type to run away with your lover while your father stands on the porch, shouting out into the night for you to come back...

Or you might leave your lover at the altar rather than having a quiet conversation -- before the day of the ceremony -- explaining that things just aren't going to work out between you. Your passions are deeply felt, and when you feel that sense that change is imminent, you can't wait -- you have to do something, now! And the wilder and more dramatic, the better. You have strongly defined ideas about life and love, and you'll go to great lengths to live according to your ideas, even if that means upsetting the apple cart in a big way. Tact or propriety might be thrown out the window in your drive to do what feels most gloriously right; you might run off to Vegas to get hitched with your sweetie, leaving your mother at home crying because she wanted to plan your wedding. Do what's right for you, but try not to trample too many people's feelings in the process.

Uranus in Leo in the Natal Chart

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