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Uranus in Gemini

Flashes of brilliance

Kelli Fox

You're the type of person who can rarely sit still -- or, if you are sitting still, your mind is zipping ahead, touching on this, that and the other, working on a problem, considering an idea... You're mentally restless, and it can take a lot sometimes to get you to focus. In relationships, you're a thinker and a talker, and you match up well with people who stimulate this side of you.

But you'd do even better with someone who can help to focus your ideas and bring them out of the stratosphere and down to the realm of the concrete. Because while you're an 'idea person,' you don't tend to have the follow-through needed to bring your ideas to fruition, and thus, a lot of great brainwaves get lost in the ether. A lover who is more grounded and practical than you are -- and, of course, who recognizes brilliance when they see it! -- will be a real boon to your life, because they'll be able to turn all those little flashes of genius into reality. Hook up with the right person, and you might even start a business or other major project together, with you as the creative genius behind the operation. Things should go swimmingly -- as long as you can keep your urge to upset the apple cart in check.

Uranus in Gemini in the Natal Chart

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