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Uranus in Cancer

Unpredictable emotions

Kelli Fox

You tend to be a bit emotionally unpredictable, which can put a real strain on your intimate relationships. Making a commitment to a lover is difficult for you; your instinct is often to just cut and run rather than sticking it out through difficult times. But everyone feels that way every now and again!

The important thing is to remember that feelings change, and fast. Just because your emotions are unstable doesn't mean the relationship has to be. When you make any big change in your life, you do it based on your feelings; but feelings are so subjective and so changeable that lots of times, they're not a good indicator of what should happen next. For example, when you're involved in a long-term love affair, your feelings toward your partner and the relationship itself will go through some major dips and swings! But you can't just break up every time you start feeling those internal rumblings of dissent. This is not to say that you should ignore your feelings; they're valid and important. But your burden is to try to realign your internal emotional compass, so that even when things don't feel perfect, you can still point yourself true north -- toward love.

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