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Uranus in Aquarius

An innovative approach to love

Kelli Fox

You may be one of the most inventive, forward-thinking lovers around. You're not bound by anyone's traditions but the ones you, yourself, create; you not only have an interest in new structures and ways of relating with a lover, you encourage yourself and your sweetheart to work out a relationship that's exactly right for the two of you. For this reason, each relationship you've been in has been different from the rest, and any relationships you get into in the future will also be unique.

You're less bound by ideas of how things 'should' be in a love affair than other people are, and you're more open to seeing where things between you and a lover might go. Logic and reason are important to you in this pursuit of perfection in relationship. If something doesn't make sense, you won't bother with it. It's likely that your unique version of true love will involve plenty of independence; you're not one to hold anyone back from their true self or goals, least of all yourself. Your love affairs are also typically very balanced, a union of two equals. Any relationship that's not this way won't last for long, because it's important to you that everyone has their fair say.

Uranus in Aquarius in the Natal Chart

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