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Uranus conjunct Pluto

A true, extreme individual

Kelli Fox

Sometimes, it seems like you're most comfortable in a state of chaos. You're a true, extreme individual, and you can't handle anyone or anything that tries to restrict your freedom. A love affair with someone who tried to control you wouldn't last long -- and if it did, it would be explosive!

You can get really aggressive in the face of a perceived obstacle, and even if conflict scares you, you won't back down when it's something important to you. Which freedom and independence are, utterly. So when you're looking for love, you should definitely seek someone who lets you have plenty of space and freedom to be the unique individual that you are. This may mean going through lots of false starts with various people, because too much freedom can sometimes kill a good relationship -- if, for example, you're off trotting the globe while your honey is waiting for you at home, getting increasingly bored and disillusioned with the affair! But when you find that special someone who understands your need to be yourself, you'll find a love that lasts. You may have better luck if you look for a partner whose political and spiritual values are similar to yours.

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  1. David Jenson on April 14, 2019 at 5:16 am

    Yep, that sounds just like me ?

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