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Uranus conjunct North Node

Trusting your instincts

Kelli Fox

You tend to be less scared of change than many people are, and the future doesn't usually frighten you either -- and that's a great thing for your love life. When a relationship is changing, you're able to go with the flow, whether that flow is moving you toward a commitment or a breakup. Whether it's time to take a love affair to the next level or to end it, you know what to do to make it happen.

You let your instincts lead you, and rarely do they send you in the wrong direction. Since you tend to follow your own path in life, your path toward true, lasting love may be a winding one. At least you're generally okay with the way things are and where they seem to be going! You're rather independent, so it could take you longer than others to find that special someone -- but that's because you're looking for something genuine, not something convenient. You're attracted to unusual, independent types, and people who are headed for interesting places in their lives. It's safe to say that later, when you're settled down with someone you love, you'll look back with a smile over the lessons and experiences you went through in the name of love.

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