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Uranus conjunct Neptune

An unusual mind

Kelli Fox

You've always impressed your friends and loved ones with your unusual mind, and you can excite and inspire a lover on that level as well. You're incredibly creative, tuned in to the most extraordinary aspects of life, and when you're out on a date with someone special, you can take them with you on flights of fancy to places previously unimagined! Someone who doesn't understand the way your mind works probably isn't a good choice for a partner in love, because you need to feel understood and appreciated, and this is one of your unique gifts.

If you're off on a tangent, riffing on all the incredible, multicolored thoughts and fantasies running through your mind, and your date is just staring at you with eyes glazed and brow furrowed, take it as a sign that this may not be the one for you! If, on the other hand, they're grinning and laughing and asking for more, you'll know you've found someone as special as you are -- someone who can appreciate the unusual and the mystical, the imaginative and the spiritual, the innovative and the unexpected. Don't waste your time with someone who's closed off to new ideas; you need a lover whose mind is as wide-open as yours is.

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