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Uranus conjunct Juno

A real individual

Kelli Fox

With this aspect in your chart, your love life has probably been anything but old-fashioned! You have very individualistic ideas about commitment and intimacy, and it's probably going to take some time to find a long-term partner who shares your ideals. You may come close several times, but your insistence on personal freedom doesn't tend to mix well with long-term intimacy.

But that's okay; while you may go through periods of loneliness, you'd rather end up with someone you really connect with on the level of beliefs and ideals than settle for someone who isn't a good match, just to stave off moments of loneliness. Your life is too interesting, anyway, to waste time lamenting over the state of your love life. When you do find that special person, the one who shares your originality and your interest in approaching an intimate relationship in a brand-new way -- a way that's just right for the two of you, regardless of what everyone else has to say about it -- well, needless to say, you'll both be really happy to have finally found each other! The bond that you form will be unique and special, something you'll both work hard to protect.

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