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Sun trine Uranus

A fresh perspective

Kelli Fox

You probably don't have a 'type' in love; your lovers and crushes over the years have been all different types, from all walks of life, and you got something different out of each different relationship. You're attracted to uniqueness, and you're definitely not into repeating your experiences. You attract admirers with your originality, your exciting radical streak that's just under the surface, and your general air of acceptance.

With you, they know they can get a little weird and wild, and you won't be turned off. They can be themselves, and you'll want to know more. That's a very attractive quality in a lover, one that makes people really want to be around you! You have strong perceptions about life and human nature, and you work well with lovers who appreciate that about you and who can join in the interesting conversation. You also don't like it when things settle into too much of a routine. You're not a daredevil, exactly; you don't crave excitement for its own sake. But you see no reason for a relationship to fall into an easy pattern that's numbing for both people involved. Why not keep things fresh and new? You know how to do just that.

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