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Sun trine Pluto

The deeper meaning

Kelli Fox

Like every other powerful experience in your life, love to you is an opportunity to transform yourself into a higher being -- to grow, change and deepen within your soul. Even your casual affairs are learning experiences for you; you look to every experience you have as a lesson, one that increases your understanding of yourself and of the world around you. And while your breakups may have been painful, they have all been welcome learning experiences for you, ones that taught you even more about love.

You're also incredibly resourceful, and you won't allow a difficult relationship experience to rock your world too greatly; in short, you always land on your feet, because you're constantly looking deeply, trying to find the meaning of your experiences. This alertness is an attractive quality in itself; your admirers are drawn to the way that you live consciously, trying to learn as much as you can from everything that happens to you. Furthermore, your sense of understanding and resourcefulness lends you a confidence that is really compelling to your lovers! They see you as a powerful person, one they want to be around and to learn from.

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