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Sun trine Neptune

Devoted in love

Kelli Fox

When you're in love, you devote yourself to your partner and to the relationship. Your friends and admirers find you to be an incredibly compassionate soul; you can identify with almost anyone's pain, anyone's insecurity. For this reason, you do have to be a little bit careful about who you get involved with romantically.

You run the risk of getting deeply into a relationship with someone who will really need your constant understanding, who might even tax that gift -- or who will actually take advantage of you. Giving freely of your love and sensitive compassion is one of your strengths in romance, and those are your gifts to give; just make sure that you're giving them to someone who is worthy of them. That being said, you're able to tune in to your lover more than most people, which can create incredibly intense experiences. Making love can be overwhelming, emotionally and physically, because you can feel your soul merging with your lover's along with your body. When you fall, you fall hard! You tend to be in thrall of your lover, looking up to them in admiration and generally making them feel like royalty.

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