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Sun trine Jupiter

A strong sense of self

Kelli Fox

Even if you haven't yet managed to find that certain, special someone and settle down, you still might be the envy of all your friends for your success in love. You're so open, loving and generous with your pals, and your sweeties. You probably have an active social life because people just flock to you.

You put out an energy that others want to be around, to soak some of it up, and that goes for your lovers as well. You like to make a mental, intellectual or spiritual connection that's as strong as the physical bond you share with a lover, because ideas are important to you. You love staying up late, philosophizing about life, love and the universe; and if you meet someone special who's willing to do this with you, they just might be a keeper. Your intelligence and strong sense of yourself shine through to your admirers, and your confidence in yourself is one of the first things they notice about you. You tend to be successful in whatever you apply yourself to, and the same goes for the game of love. Want to have fun with someone special? You know how to do it. Want to settle down and create something amazing? You can make that happen, too.

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