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Sun trine Juno

A good judge of character

Kelli Fox

Commitment phobia is all too common; there are plenty of poor, unlucky souls out there who fear that their independence and their very personalities will disappear like puffs of smoke as soon as anything resembling a commitment enters their love lives. You, on the other hand, feel no qualms about committing yourself to a lover, as long as they're deserving of your steady love. You're generally a good judge of character, too, and you're not likely to tie yourself to someone who's not worth it.

You'll find that your love affairs lead you to good things. Maybe your lover introduces you to someone who offers you the job of a lifetime, or perhaps they encourage you to take that around-the-world trip you've always dreamed of, or to go back to school. However it happens, your sweetie will be instrumental in your growth as a human being. Even if an important relationship ends, you'll always look back on it fondly, because it led you to something wonderful in your own life. And you're uniquely situated and ready to find that long-term, stable, committed love you've always dreamed of. You find commitment almost effortless, and compromise a breeze.

Sun trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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