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Sun square Uranus

Erratic affairs

Kelli Fox

Your driving need for space and freedom can make your romantic relationships difficult, to say the least. Everyone needs space sometimes, but your need for it is more like an urge -- a spontaneous and rebellious one that comes up explosively, when you and your lover least expect it. You're not terribly good at claiming your need for space, either; instead, you tend to express it in abrupt withdrawals that can be hurtful to your sweetie and to the relationship itself.

You may get into and out of relationships fast, never staying with any one person for too long -- because feeling settled makes you itchy and tense. The prospect of a love affair that deepens and intensifies is probably both attractive and repellant to you; deep down, you fear the kind of commitment and stability it takes to love another person deeply. You're afraid that commitment will restrict your freedom; you might even think it's easier just to break up and move on to someone new and exciting! And excitement is definitely a craving for you. But there's much to be said for stability, and for learning to maintain your individuality within a close, intimate relationship.

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