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Sun square South Node

Some heavy baggage

Kelli Fox

If you've had trouble really getting things moving in a direction you'd like in your love life, it shouldn't be a surprise; you're carrying around some karmic baggage from your past, or even a past life, regarding love, intimacy and commitment. Maybe you watched your parents move dully through a loveless marriage, and you've resolved never to do the same thing in your own life; or maybe in a past life too distant to recall, you made mistakes in love, and chose the wrong person to commit yourself to. Whatever the source of this indecisiveness might be, it has led you to be overly cautious in romance.

Even when you're strongly attracted to someone special, you have a hard time resolving yourself to the idea of commitment. What if you're choosing the wrong person? What if things go bad down the line, and you're stuck in a relationship that's not good for you, and not going anywhere? Just remember -- you're never stuck in any relationship, unless you've stuck yourself there. You can always leave a bad situation. And refusing to take a chance on love will mean that you never feel its thrills, or its steady warmth. And that's no way to live!

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