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Sun square Neptune

Addicted to love

Kelli Fox

All your life, you've yearned for something outside the bounds of normal life; you've wanted to see, do and feel extraordinary things. That's a worthy pursuit, but it can get you into trouble sometimes. You're attracted to people who make you feel like you're living close to the edge.

You might hook up with a lover who isn't good for you, because the mystery of being involved with them is so exciting. Ups and downs in romance hurt you as much as anyone else, and possibly more -- you're very sensitive -- but in some ways, you crave that roller coaster ride, because it gets your blood moving. At base, this is an escapist urge -- wanting to escape the humdrum reality of everyday life with some drama, some mystery, even some uncertainty. But if you're always involved with unstable people and elusive affairs, you won't have much of a sense of stability. You may delude yourself for a long time before finally accepting that your relationship isn't good for you. On the other hand, this influence might ultimately be a good thing, because it forces you to develop a sense of strength and identity within yourself, one that won't be altered or damaged by a wild love affair or confusion about where you should go next in your life.

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