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Sun square Mars

Try to be patient

Kelli Fox

You've been a bundle of energy all your life, a motivated person who goes after what they want with drive and intensity. Those qualities can be really useful when it comes to winning a game or getting ahead in your career, but in love, a softer touch is needed. Even though you want to make a solid love connection with someone, your dates might tend to find you rather selfish, aggressive or argumentative -- qualities that can turn someone off before they take the time to get to know you better and learn about your more attractive traits.

The problem is, without even realizing it, you tend to have a me-first attitude; put together with a rather thin skin, that can spell dating disaster. You tend to take things personally, and your natural response is to lash out -- a common response to having your feelings hurt, but not the most constructive one possible. It's frustrating to feel like someone or something is standing in the way of getting what you want, but a 'when in doubt, shove' approach to love just doesn't work. Don't try to force a connection; instead, try to be patient and see what develops naturally with that special someone.

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