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Sun square Jupiter

Rein yourself in

Kelli Fox

You could easily fall into a pattern in your love affairs of making promises to your lovers that you really can't keep. You tend to overdo things, having an overinflated sense of what you're capable of and what's good for you. You might think you've fallen head over heels with someone and profess your love -- only to realize later that you overdid it again, and got in much deeper than you should have.

Another problem with this influence in your life is that it keeps you from learning from your mistakes! So the above scenario is one that you may get into again and again before you're finally able to break the pattern. Along with your tendency toward excess comes a certain level of arrogance, so you may turn off a potential lover before the relationship even gets off the ground. What you think is self-confidence, they could easily interpret as conceit. You also may tend toward overdoing it on your dates, throwing money around like it's confetti and having one drink after another until your head aches, your wallet is empty and your date has long since gone home, at least in spirit. It would be best to practice some moderation in all of the above scenarios, but it's easier said than done.

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