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Sun sextile Uranus

The maverick within

Kelli Fox

You excite everyone around you with your natural joie de vivre, your enthusiasm for life. Each new day feels like a really fun promise, full of possibilities that you're eager to discover! This makes you a fun partner in a romantic relationship, because your mind is always wide-open to new experiences.

You've got a taste for the unusual, too, which attracts you to oddball types --people who say interesting and unexpected things, or who keep you on your toes by tacitly refusing to let the relationship verge into stable territory (yawn). You work best with a lover who enjoys your numerous strong opinions about every possible facet of life. Your mind is constantly turning, perceiving new things and coming up with new theories, and you need a lover who can keep up with you on a mental level! Furthermore, your best and longest-lasting romantic relationships will be with people who adore and encourage the maverick within you. If you were forced into a traditional relationship with someone who ignored all your best theories and resisted your relentless philosophizing, you'd be miserable. Good thing you're not likely to let that happen!

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