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Sun sextile Saturn

A practical approach

Kelli Fox

You tend to be responsible and trustworthy in the ways that you conduct your life. You know how to take care of things when you need to, and you're most attracted in love to someone who is similar to you in this regard. You have an innate sense of respect for other people, and you want to be respected by your lover.

You want to be involved with someone who can take care of their end of things; someone who won't take advantage of the fact that you apply yourself to your relationships in the same way that you apply yourself to work, putting in time, focus and effort to ensure that things run smoothly. Because of this practical, balanced approach to life and love, you may not be the world's most romantic date, unless other aspects in your chart lend you a more whimsical side. You're just not one to have your head in the clouds, or to lead with your heart. If a relationship isn't working, you'll try to fix it; if it still doesn't work, you'll let it go, because you recognize that there are more important uses of your time and energy than trying to fix something that just isn't able to be fixed. You're not into taking uncalculated risks, and that goes for your love affairs as well.

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  1. M. Bartholomeus on June 6, 2016 at 4:24 am

    Spot on

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