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Sun sextile Pluto

Intense affairs

Kelli Fox

You want to gain knowledge through life and experience, to grow to understand yourself better and better throughout the course of your life. That urge within you can influence your romantic relationships in some really positive ways. Your lovers and admirers look up to you as a source of inspiration.

They see the way that you live in the world, with such energy and will and proactive power, and they want to incorporate that energy into their own life. To them, you're like a strong, clean light, a natural force of positive change -- a true example to follow! You hold a magnetic attraction for them; they see you as a spot of intensity in an otherwise mundane and confusing world. You also tend to have incredibly intense sexual connections with your lovers, as sex is yet another way for you to connect with another being and begin to heal and transform yourself. For all of these reasons, your romantic relationships will be powerful and life-changing for both you and your partner. It's unlikely that you'll stay in a purely frivolous, superficial affair for long, because if you don't feel like you're getting anything out of the relationship, it will feel like a waste of time.

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