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Sun sextile Mars

Zest for life

Kelli Fox

You're probably not a big believer in the expression, 'All's fair in love and war.' While you do have a natural competitive streak, you're not willing to break the rules, in romance or anything else, without good reason. When you're going out with someone new, it's important to you that they be as aboveboard in their intentions as you are. When you see someone attractive, you'll go after them with your own brand of intensity, but you'll also back off if they make it clear that they're not interested.

Plenty of times, though, they will be. You possess a natural vitality that's compelling to everyone around you, and your sense of adventure, of zest for life, makes you a great date! You're up for just about anything, at least once. You've got your own ideas about fun things to do with someone new and special, and you're open to theirs as well. And while you love to push the boundaries -- of love, of adventure, of what's possible in a romantic or sexual relationship -- you won't do it to extremes. You're not self-destructive, after all; just naturally energetic and driven. When you make a love connection with someone special, it will be based in part on your innate energy and strength.

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