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Sun sextile Jupiter

Gobbling up life

Kelli Fox

Your dates appreciate you for your sense of humor and your easygoing friendliness that puts them at ease. You're a highly open-minded person when it comes to love and life; you aren't one to discount someone as a possible romantic partner just because they don't fit your idea of your usual 'type.' And hey -- even if sparks don't fly when you're out with someone new, you're more than happy to make a new friend. You're most attracted to people who can teach you something about life or love, either because they're learned types who have studied some particular subject more than you have, or because they're as open as you are, and are willing to talk about their lives and their experiences.

Your best partner in love will be someone with high ideals and a thirst for knowledge that matches or exceeds your own. A relationship with someone who just didn't possess much curiosity about life wouldn't last long! You're all about making connections and developing your understanding of the way life works, so you need a partner in life who can travel that road with you -- someone who can theorize about the universe and help you expand your consciousness.

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