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Sun sextile Juno

Seamless integration

Kelli Fox

You rarely have trouble in romantic relationships with feeling that your individuality is threatened by your intimate bond with another person. You know how to protect yourself and your own personality even while connecting at a deep level with your sweetie, and that's a real feat -- plenty of people are commitment-phobes purely because they're scared that the other person, or the romance itself, will swallow them up! You're not afraid of this happening.

You have a good grasp of yourself and who you are, but also of what you have to give to a relationship, and what you want to get out of it. Your goals in life don't become submerged when you enter a new romance with someone special; you're able to integrate the two and make them work together harmoniously. In part, this is true because one of your life's goals is to find a wonderful romance that can become a long-term, stable connection; but that's certainly not your only aim in life. You're naturally attracted to lovers who respect your choices and interests, and who will give you the space you need to push forward in life and achieve everything you want to achieve.

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